Environmental Management University in Tuchola has begun the two-year project called “Eco-Innovation- supports the cooperation between science and business in the fields of natural and technical sciences”. It is co-financed by funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of the programme “Innovative Creator- supports the innovative academic entrepreneurship”. The main goal of the project is to commercialise the transfer of technology and scientific knowledge as well as to improve the competence in managing the research in the fields of natural and technical sciences. Therefore, the essential objective is to create a portal and centre of Eco-Innovation at the school with the aim of commercialising the results of research, inventions, new ideas, production processes and technology. Eco-Innovation provides the opportunity for the implementation of balanced solutions that will allow for making use of the natural reserves and limiting harmful effects on the environment.
Within the framework of the project we will organise the workshops for students, members of the teaching staff and employees. Professional trainings will be conducted on such issues as research management, innovation implementation and the commerce of technology. The project is also designed to develop academic entrepreneurship and decrease barriers between education and business by attending conferences and trade fair practices.
We cordially invite the representatives of research organisations, companies, business institutions, public and local government administrative officials to create and implement balanced innovative solutions that make use of the natural reserves and limit the harmful influence of the industry on the environment. Consequently, the implementation of project tasks may help establish continued cooperation between those groups and eventually lead to development in the field of eco-innovation in the economy. For more information on the project and schedule, please visit www.projekt.eko-innowacja.pl

We kindly request your cooperation!





Projekt pt. „Eko-Innowacja – wsparcie współpracy nauki i biznesu w dziedzinach przyrodniczo-technicznych” dofinansowany ze środków Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju w ramach programu „Kreator Innowacyjności - wsparcie innowacyjnej przedsiębiorczości akademickiej".